Building or renovating your dream home is an extremely exciting time but we know it can seem a daunting and massive task, especially if this is your first build. At Davey Constructions we endeavour to take all fear out of the build by ensuring everything runs seamlessly and hassle-free. Building your dream home takes time and there are certain steps we take with every build to guarantee this is how every project goes. We want you to be well-informed and 100% comfortable on every stage of the journey of building your new home.

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This is where we delve into all the inspirations and visions for your project. Here, you will also be able to discuss with our team your budget, needs and desires of the build and explore features, options, and upgrades that will become the foundation for your new and luxurious lifestyle. We will also inform and help educate you on the process of building a new home or completing your dream renovation.

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At this stage of the building process all labour, material and design feature costs of the job will be estimated by us. This is where you will receive an itemised breakdown of all expected expenses. This process generally takes three to four weeks. At this point you can discuss any amendments or alterations you would like to make to the plans or scope of works before the quote is reviewed and finalised.

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Once drawings and plans are obtained, a certifier is engaged, and plans are sent to Gold Coast City Council for approval. This is a mandatory part of the process as the build cannot commence until approval has been granted.

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At this stage, the price of the build from start to finish is agreed upon and you will be provided with information outlining the progress payment schedule, and how variations in the contract work. The start date and rough building schedule of the project is also set at this stage (Construction of a new build depends on size and architectural features of the project but typically time frame is 6-9 months). At the completion of this stage, the Master Builder's contract is signed by both parties and the first deposit is paid.

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Once all council approvals are received and the contract is signed, your project commences! This is the exciting part where you will get to work with Sarah, our in-house interior designer, where she will help bring your visions and insights of your home to life. She will present an array of selections such as colour palette options, cabinetry design, material choices, flooring finishes and tapware selections. Sarah will ensure all design selections align to your budget, offering similar products if necessary. During each stage of the build, a walk through is done to review scope of works and any necessary changes or requests for additional works can be made and implemented.

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The big day which concludes your building journey! Months of dreaming, planning, creating, coordinating and building now takes shape as your brand-new luxury home! On your handover day you will be presented with your keys, warranties, certification forms and maintenance information, as well as a special gift to help you settle in and celebrate this incredible milestone!