Sanpiper Street

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Mike & Lucy Danahner | 10 Glenbrook Ave, Benowa Waters

We found ourselves in the unenviable but self induced position of moving a family interstate and wanting to buy a house and renovate/extend it before the family moved. We had seven months from house purchase until moving. We did not know any builders in the area but went on a strong recommendation from a colleague.
The recommendation was spot on. Jared Davey and his team were exceptional.
His affiliated building designer, Stuart Osman, came up with a design complementing the original home and finalised plans in a relatively short time notwithstanding the fact that they had a large workload already with other customers.
Jared, along with his team of workers and tradesmen were professional, friendly and very hard working. They were approachable and the progress was astounding and to a high standard. Making a change was never too much trouble and we always felt welcome on site.
We would not hesitate to recommend Jared Davey Constructions and we would happily use them again.


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