Clinton Ave

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Narelle & David Bishara | 4 Clinton Ave, Burleigh Heads

We needed to renovate our 70’s style beach house in Burleigh to include a 2 bedroom self-contained granny flat. This was a major project for us as we had no previous experience in home renovations. Once our plans were drawn up our biggest challenge was finding the right builder. Jared Davey stood out o us due to his reliability and friendly, relaxed manner in talking us through the building process. Once we met Sarah we knew that Davey Constructions were the builders for us.

We can honestly say we feel like we struck gold selecting Davey Constructions for our project. Jared’s high standards and meticulous attention to detail combined with Sarah’s wealth of knowledge regarding interior design and styling ensured that the finished product, out dream home, exceeded our highest expectations.
We highly recommend Davey Constructions to anyone considering renovating or building a new home.


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